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Since I first learned about CI/CD, back in my university days, I have always been keen to apply these practices in any scenario that I found myself in. Nonetheless, the existing setup of my blog and the associated workflow had made the application of these practices a bit of a challenge. »

Currently at work, we have been improving our practices around coding in PowerShell and producing better and more sane automations. I have blogged before about the must-have tools for PowerShell development and in this post, will take a look at different alternatives to handle dependencies for PowerShell modules. »

Continuing from the 2017 reading list, this is my list of books I read during 2018. Different from the 2017 list, this one was updated as I read the books throughout the year. »

As projects mature and grow, sometimes it becomes harder for developers to keep the codebase clean and modular. This leads to new features implementation and bug fixes being more of a juggling exercise of touching different sections of code, than an actual designed solution that follows good design patterns such as SOLID and DRY. »