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Long form writing where I discuss problems and solutions, foundational topics and evergreen ideas.

It's common to have a repository dedicated to store the Dockerfile definitions and associated files for base docker images used across different projects in the organization. At work, we have such a repo where to store a variety of such images, e.g: ruby, node and golang images. Over time, the number of images has grown significantly and as a result, the size of GitLab CI (.gitlab-ci.yml) with very similar jobs definitions (definitely not DRY). »

As part of securing development processes and communications internally, it is common for companies and teams to enforce the usage of custom SSL certificates with the enterprise acting as CA root. This is great, because it helps simulate better the production systems within the development stages. »

Since I first learned about CI/CD, back in my university days, I have always been keen to apply these practices in any scenario that I found myself in. Nonetheless, the existing setup of my blog and the associated workflow had made the application of these practices a bit of a challenge. »