Readings - 2019

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Learn PowerShell Scripting in a Month of Lunches

After reading this book, I can say that is filled with very sounded advice and strategy on how to make your scripts and modules look and behave more professional, specially for developers who are coming into scripting. The authors, Don Jones and Jeffery Hicks, share their extensive knowledge on PowerShell patterns and practices.

Shape Up

Shape Up brings to your attention their way of making software. It describes the different practices used to decide what to work on, how to split the work into smaller chunks (called scope in the book), and specially how to stop. As usual from the Basecamp folks, the writing is impressively clear and the ideas are conveyed in an easy to follow manner. Now, I am looking forward to put in practice some of those suggestions into my daily work.


Accelerate, by Nicole Forsgreen, Jez Humble and Gene Kim, focuses on how technology can impact business value, the importance of performance of software delivery teams to drive this through and describes the impact of culture and DevOps in today’s IT delivery experiences. The book is split into 3 main sections: the analysis of results, a discussion of the research methods applied and some ideas for how to apply transformations in companies.

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