AWS CLI v2 in a Debian-flavored docker image

Context #

The apt package manager doesn't include aws cli version 2. As an alternative, we can follow the installation steps from Installing, updating, and uninstalling the AWS CLI version 2 on Linux

Advantages of v2 #

  • It doesn't require a previous python installation. Each aws cli release contains a self-contained, embedded copy of Python
  • Support for newer AWS APIs in contrast with the v1 cli.

Dependencies #

The aws cli depends on the following packages (which may be already present on your distribution):

  • groff
  • less
  • glibc

less and glibc are already include in the debian based image.

Implementation #

Let's see below how to install the v2 of the aws cli, using the debian docker image:

FROM debian:latest

# May be optional if these packages are installed already in the base image
RUN apt update && apt install -y curl unzip groff

RUN curl "" -o "" && \
unzip && \


References #

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